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Of The Soul

For Those Who Seek

Holistic Massage and Healing Services in Columbus, Ohio

We Focus On Healing The Body And Mind


Learning to focus, manifest and create what you desire.


Delves into the patterns, issues and programs embraced in childhood or imposed upon us throughout our life that prevent us from moving ahead.


Specializing in Structural Realignment for Postural repositioning and injuries.


* De-stressing/Relaxation Massage
* Structural & Postural Alignment
* Therapeutic/Medical Massage
* Deep Connective Tissue
*  Life Path Coaching
* Soul Evolution

Our State Of Mind


Any path will lead you in a direction that offers several choices. The same is true of this company. This business has multi-levels from a simple de-stressing massage, to being guided and prepared for what you wish to achieve on a personal, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
A session can be something simple and traditional. It can also be in-depth encompassing higher realms, intuition and channeled information. Each pathway is up to the individual. It is your journey. I am here to help facilitate it.


Every session includes a full massage. The goal is to provide you with various techniques so you can experience a transformation during the session. Sometimes it requires finding the origin of the problem,
sometimes bones and muscles need to be realigned and sometimes it requires stopping the mental chatter so the mind can be at peace. Issues from your past affect your body today. Releasing old patterns helps restore balance to the body and mind.




* CranioSacral Therapy
* Mind Body Integration
* Tuning Forks
* Om Tuners

What Our Clients Say About Us

Pat R.

My daughter introduced me to Teena a long time ago. Since then, Teena has helped me in my personal and spiritual growth, plus she gives incredible massages. Teena was here with me to help heal my body after my hip replacement. She has given me confidence and belief in my self. I love Teena. She is my Light Worker.

Janine B.

Teena has helped enrich my life. I have a deeper understanding of myself and what I needto journey successfully and peacefully through life.

Sandy D.

Teena gently summons my mind, body, and spirit, then takes her position along my path, to illuminate my next step.


* Pregnancy Massage
* Scar Tissue Integration
* Sinus Steam Treatments
* Dry Skin Exfoliation/Hydration


Teena Akiyama was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  She majored in Physical Education and Elementary Education in college; nevertheless, it was her dance classes that truly opened her world. While teaching in her first job, she was accepted into a dance company. A series of injuries forced her to seek help that led her into the world of healing.  Eventually, she graduated from the Midwest Center of Oriental Medicine and founded the Akiyama Institute in Oak Park, Illinois. During this time, she also served as Coordinator of the Midwest CranioSacral Therapists Study Group and assistant instructor for the Upledger Institute. Teena received her massage license in Ohio after graduating from the Columbus Academy of Medical Massage. She has been in practice for over 30 years, coaching, teaching and incorporating traditional massage techniques with alternative therapies.


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